Black Combe Fell Race

Black Combe is tough late-winter race with some good long climbs and often quite interesting weather. The final descent is one of the best of the year and there’s always a pie and a brew in the village hall afterwards.  

Parking is in the start field if dry, but it won’t be dry so you will probably be on the main road or in the haulage yard in the village: please follow the signs and obey marshals. Please don’t park on the road through the village. It makes the locals cross.

Registration is in Silecroft village hall from 10am and the start is at 12 noon in a field nearby. Entry is £6/8 in advance or £10 on the day and includes a pie and a brew afterwards.

Kit requirements are strict and will be checked: map suitable for navigating the route, compass, whistle, full waterproof body cover, hat, gloves, food. You will need your kit and after last year you might like to have your compass out too.

Pete Bland’s van will be on hand and race maps are usually available there.

Race Details

  • Date & time: Sat 5th March 2022 at 12:00
  • Country: England
  • Region: Lake District
  • Category: AM
  • Distance: 13 km / 8.1 miles
  • Climb: 1000 m / 3281 ft
  • Venue: Silecroft Village Hall., LA18 5LP
    Silecroft railway station very convenient.
  • Grid reference: SD133821
  • Skills: ER, PM, LK, NS
  • Minimum age: 18

Entry Information

  • Fee: FRA Member: £6, Non-Member: £8
  • Entry on day: Yes
  • Entry on day fee: £10
  • Pre-entry: Sientries
  • Fee includes pie and peas, cup of tea!


Full FRA kit required: waterproof jacket and bottoms with hood and taped seams, hat, gloves, map, compass, whistle.


  • Race Organiser: Will Ross
  • Telephone: 01229 869053
  • Email:


  • Teams allowed: Yes, of 4.


  • Junior races: No


  • Permit / Insurance: Yes
  • This race has a Permit and associated UK Athletics insurance from the FRA.


As well as the usual there are small prizes for the best climbers (from the stream to the south summit) and descenders (from the south summit to the finish), and a bounty on Ian Holmes’s 25-year-old course record.

The value of prizes depends on the number of entries but generally we like to keep the race cheap and the pies edible, so they’re not huge.

This is also the first race in the Bob Grieve trophy series. The trophy is awarded each year to the man and woman with the lowest combined time for Black Combe, Caw, Dunnerdale and Kirkby Moor.

Other Information

  • The race happens just before lambing time and there are going to be pregnant sheep on the fell. That means no dogs in the race, and please try not to spook the sheep.
  • Prizes for new records, and for fastest final ascent and descent, 1st counter for the Bob Grieve trophies, awarded to the fastest man and woman (combined time) across Black Combe, Caw, Dunnerdale and Kirkby Moor.


  • M : 1:05:18 Ian Holmes, 1997
  • F : 1:18:29 Victoria Wilkinson, 2016
  • MV40 : 1:07:48 Dave Neill, 1997
  • FV40 : 1:23:42 Sharon Taylor, 2020
  • MV50 : 1:14:50 Ian Holmes, 2016
  • FV50 : 1:33:40 Wendy Dodds, 2005
  • MV60 : 1:25:43 Dave Spedding, 2007
  • FV60 : 1:42:03 Wendy Dodds, 2013
  • MV70 : 1:50:27 B Fielding, 1999
  • FV70 : 2:30:59 Lesley Malarkey, 2020
  • DHM : 8:20 Nicholas Barber, 2014
  • DHF : 9:41 Lindsey Brindle, 2015
Black Combe


  • Start SD 131 822
  • Sea Ness SD 128 831
  • Black Combe SD 134 855
  • White Combe SD 153 863
  • Fodder Rack SD 157 858
  • Stream Junction SD 150 857
  • South Summit SD 134 851
  • Finish SD 131 825


The first and last quarter miles beneath the gate are flagged over private land so please don’t recce that bit. You can park at Whicham Church and go up the side road to the fell gate.

Anyone seen climbing a wall or fence will be disqualified.


  • Snow and ice are quite possible and the terrain is rough in places. 
  • Beware of the crags due east of the first summit. The direct line to checkpoint three is not a good route.
  • There’s not much of the fodder rack left at checkpoint 4, but there should be a marshal there and you do have to dib. Don’t cut that corner.
  • The descent to the stream junction checkpoint is entertainingly loose and lumpy.
  • The south summit cairn, though huge, is invisible until you are very close to it. In clag it’s always further away than you think.
  • Storms come in off the sea here with very little warning. Full waterproof body cover is always required and very often worn.
  • Never assume that someone in a Black Combe vest is going the right way.
  • The race will not be cancelled for conditions on the fell unless it becomes impossible to marshal, so be ready for ice and snow. The only likely grounds for cancellation are if snow blocks the road to Silecroft, which has happened once or twice. In that case we’ll post a notice here and on facebook, and entries will roll over to next year.


There are cutoffs at two checkpoints: 60 minutes at the top of the Combe (cp 2) and 100 minutes at the stream junction (cp 5), from where you can take the low path or get a lift back to Silecroft. The cutoffs are to protect the marshals (and you) in case of bad weather.