Black Combe Runners

Hi. This is the new Black Combe site-in-progress, and it still has quite a lot of progress to make. You probably wanted either the current BCR site or the one page that we do have here, which is about the 2019 FRA Dinner.


When will it be finished?

Oh you know. Quite soon. I have to do something clever with the old runs calendar but the rest is just typing.

Why are you using wordpress?

So that there is some hope of other club members being able to create pages.

Why does it look so ordinary

Because I want to go out for a run.

Even though it's horrible?

Yes, even so.

But you make websites for a living

Not in [word we must not use at school] wordpress, and not really where people can see. More like your vast underground  lair. Lots of shiny pipes and some vents probably suitable for crawling through.

And they won't do it anyway?

I plan to publish slanderous remarks about key club members and then tell them to come in and edit the pages. It still won’t work but it will be more fun that way.

I want to complain about the site not being ready yet

Sure, that would be great. Please send your cv to